Pleading To Allah swt. for Protection of Coronavirus Plague

This is a real time to take heed of the current situation and calling to Allah swt for protection and prevention of this corona virus pandemic which is spreading like wildfire through out the world

The supplication above is to protect and prevent us from this epidemic calamity.

Ya Allah we beg for Your protection, only in You we trust and there is no one else for us to turn to except to You ya Allah, no one can safe us except You ya Allah, with Your infinite Mercy! Ya Allah please protect us, our beloved families and the mankind from all kinds of these illness and fatal diseases.

Ya Allah, You are the ultimate protector, we beg You for Your Mercy. Ya Allah please protect us! from this disaster and all other calamities those we know and we do not know, that You have decreed, and only You know everything.

Ya Allah, we beg You for Your forgiveness, we beg You not to punish us for all our misdeeds and sins that we have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Ya Allah Please forgive all our minor and major sins that we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Ya Allah, You are all Forgiving and all Merciful, ya Allah please forgive us and shower Your Mercy on us.

Ya Allah You are all Listening and all Hearing, we beg You to hear our sincere cry and plead…. Please do not reject our cry ya Allah, ya Allah Your Mercy is always above Your punishment as You Love to forgive Your slaves those who turn to You for Your Mercy, ya Allah we are at Your Door begging for Your Mercy.

Ya Allah only You have the power to give and also the ultimate power to take this calamity away from us … one else can help us except You ya Allah.

Ya Allah, You are the all compassionate and all Merciful, please shower Your utmost compassion on Your humbling slaves…..those who are begging at Your door for Your forgiveness and Mercy.

Ya Allah, You are the Maker, You are the Doer ! Ya Allah You are the planner, You are the Designer! Only You can create and only You can eradicate this coronavirus. Ya Allah we beg You to safe these weak servants of You from this epidemics and also from all other calamities. Ya Allah we trust only in You and we beg only for Your Mercy and shelter in this world and hereafter life.

La Hawla wala Quwwatha illa Billah
Allahumma Solli wasallim ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih wa Sohbihi ajmaeen.


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