The Al-Quranic Recipes For Our Soul

29 February 2020

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I would like to begin this blog with the above, In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

This blog is specially dedicated to surahs and supplications which i am learning and practising from the Al-Quran al Kareem to keep us in remembrance of Allah swt and to keep our hearts at peace….in sha Allah

Like our physical being, we need food to keep our hunger at bay, we need different kinds of food to keep us fit and healthy to do our daily chores….

Similarly, our spiritual heart – qalb, needs to be fit and healthy, to be as such, our qalb has to spiritually fed with spiritual food to keep it clean and purified. To keep it polished and cleansed, and signs of a purified heart is when we keep ourselves in remembrance of Allah swt at all times….

In constant remembrance of Allah, our qalb will be at ease and we will grow close to Allah thus making our relationship with Allah swt. stronger and more taqarrub with Him. And to be able to be know Him better, the Al-Quran is the source of it all…..with the guidance of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)

Surahs and Supplications has been prescribed in the Al-Quran as our manual and has been taught to us by our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ to be a shield and a barrier for certain calamities and difficult situations….no doubt it is the only remedy for all our problems and difficulties.

Just like our physical food, we have different type of recipe’s, for our different type of tastes, similarly; it is no different from our spiritual food, there are different type of supplications (recipe’s) for every different type of situation….

I have just started my blog, Realization Of My Soul about 2 months ago….and have been learning myself and i am hoping that through this sharing, may Allah swt open our hearts and soul to Him to know more about Him and to glorify Him more….before we return to Him eternally from this world.

I am also in a learning experience where every surah and supplication has a deeper meaning and how we can open our hearts and mind to them in sha Allah….

Surahs, Azkar, Solawat, Supplications, Righteous deeds etc….are the Only Food For Our Soul…..

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