Supplication For Other Believing Men And Women

If we make dua for other believing men or women, Allah will write for us the deeds of the believing men or women. SubhanaAllah

Supplication For The First Day Of Muharram

Dear Allah, please accept our ibadah this coming year and the year before. Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah.

Supplication Upon Waking Up 2

Another supplication upon waking up. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

Supplication Upon Waking Up 1

This is the supplication to recite upon waking up from our sleep. Thank You Allah for having woken us up from our slumber. Ameen ameeen ameen ya Allah

Supplication For Someone Who Feeds Us

Supplication to thank Allah for receiving the qurban meat in sha Allah

Supplication For Allah’s Acceptance

May Allah accept our charities and sacrifices in this sacred month for the sake of Allah

Supplication For Mercy

Dear Allah, we beg for Your mercy in this sacred spiritual month as well as the month of our ultimate submission and our most soulful sacrifice for You ya Allah.

Supplication On The Day Of Arafah

This supplication is recommended to be read on the day of Arafah. May Allah accept all our sacrifices and ibadah this sacred month. Ameen Ya Allah Ameen

Supplication For Our Most Sacred Journey

May Allah eradicate the corona virus and may Allah grant us the Sacred Journey to Allah soon. This is the supplication for the journey travelling to perform our haj pilgrimage in an answering to Allah’s calling.

Supplication For The Month Of Dzulhijjah

The month of Dzulhijjah is the next most sacred month in the islamic calender. May Allah accept our sacrifices and ibadah for this spiritual month. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen.

Supplication For Righteousness

Dear Allah, please keep us steadfast and rightous in Your path towards Jannah. Ameen ya Allah Ameen.

To Be Guided On The Right Path

Supplication to be guided on the right path. Ya Allah please align our path to be straight and for You always Ya Allah. Ameeen ya Allah Ameeen

Supplication For Repayment Of Debts

With this supplication, may Allah ease our repayments of debts. Allahu ma Ameeen Ya Allah

Supplication When In Debt

In times of this covid-19 crisis, not only do we have to face health issues but financial issues as well. May Allah ease our burden of debts. Allahu Akhbar

Supplication To Keep Our Heart Steadfast Towards Allah

Dear Allah, You are the owner of our hearts. Please make our heart firm and steadfast in Your Religion. Once we have found the truth, please do not deviate us. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen!

Supplication After Consuming Food Or Drink

The dua to make after eating the food that Allah just bestowed upon us. Alhamdulilllah

Supplication For Forgetting The Before Eating Dua

This is the dua we make if we have forgotten to read the before eating supplication. Allah is great. Subhana Allah


Supplication Before Consuming Food Or Drink

Beautiful supplication before consuming food. O ALLAH, please bless us with the sustenance that You have given us and with it protect us from the fires of Jahannam!

Supplication When Looking At A Mirror

Ya Allah, please make my character beautiful just as You made my physical features beautiful. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen

Another Supplication For Wearing Clothes

Dear Allah, thank You Allah for providing and clothing me when i am incapable of doing it myself. Alhamdulilllah Ya Allah.

Supplication For Putting On New Clothes

Dear Allah, just as You have clothed me, please protect me from the evil from it and grant goodness from wearing it. Allahuma Ameeen

Another Supplication For Our Parents

A supplication made by prophet Suleiman ‘as’ for his parents. Just appropriate for the coming father’s day.

Supplication When Entering The Market Place

A supplication when entering the market especially during these testing and tried times of covid-19

Supplication For Acceptance Of The Truth

Supplication to be amongst the believers of the revelation of the noble Al-Quran and prophet Muhammad ‘saw’

Supplication To Ask For Sincerity

Ya Allah, please make this act an act of sincerity for You. Ya Allah.

Supplication For Provision, Mercy, Protection, Guidance, Honour And Forgiveness (Dua for sitting between two prostrations) 

This is a beautiful dua that we constantly make during sitting between two prostrations everytime we do our solah.

Supplication For Protection Upon Entering The Wash Room

The toilet is where the syateen will run to when they hear the Adhan and most will congregate there because it is a place of najis and dirt. This is the best supplication to read to upon entering the toilet asking for Allah’s protection against the syateen in sha Allah.

Supplication For Good Health

Dear Allah please grant us full protect from the corona virus and grant us good health so we can do more ibadah for you. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeeen.

Supplication For Ease

Dear Allah, You are Ar Razzaaq(الرزاق)The Ever-Providing; The Sustainer, we plead to You ya Ya Allah to ease our economic crisis especially during this catastrophic uncertainties, please provide and sustain for us for You are the best sustainer!

Supplication For Stronger Imaan [Faith], JANNAH And Allah’s Blessings

Dear Allah, we plead from You to give us faith that is strong and umwavering towards You and to be be granted the highest paradise….. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeeen

Supplication Asking For Jannah

And make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight”

وَاجْعَلْنِي مِن وَرَثَةِ جَنَّةِ النَّعِيمِ

Waj’alnee min warathati jannatin-na’eem.

Surah Ash-Shu’ara ,verse 85

This is the supplication of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalaam.

Supplication For The Acceptance Of Your Good Deeds

Dear Allah, please accept our deeds for the month of Ramadhan and the month of Shawaal. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen

Takbeer For Eidul Fitr

Alhamdulilllah to Allah. We have strived, sacrificed and struggled to give our best to our beloved Allah for the month of Ramadhan. May Allah accept our ibadah in the sacred month. The month of Shawaal have reached us. For us to welcome the month of Shawaal, a special takbeer has been prescribed by our prophet Muhammad saw on the night of the sighting of the new moon. In sha Allah

Greetings For Others To Be Granted Acceptance Of Ibadah

Prophet Muhammad (saw) used to greet his sahabah on the first day of Shawwal. May Allah accept our ibadah for Ramadhan. Ameeen Ya Rabbil Alameen

Supplication For Our Deeds To Be Accepted In Ramadhan

Dear Allah, please accept our ibadah. We have nothing else to present ourselves for the time when we return to You. Your acceptance of our ibadah is the only thing that we can give You. Ya Allah, please accept them. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameen.

Supplication For The Last Friday Of Ramadhan

Ya Allah, dont let this be our last Friday for Ramadhan. Ya Allah please grant us more Ramadhan fridays before we return to You. Please accept our sincere ibadah will full of eaman and taqwa and You are satisfied of our ibadah to You…. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen

Supplication To Have The Blessings Of Lailatul Qadr

May Allah grant us and witnessed for us the night of decree., Ya Allah you are most forgiving and love to forgive. Please forgive us…… Ameen Ya Allah Ameeen

Supplication For The Night Of Power

The night of decree is the most awaited nights for the whole muslim nation all over the world in the sacred month of Ramadhan. This is supplication prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ recommends us to recite for the coming sacred night!

May Allah grant this for all of us….. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen

Supplication For The Last 10 Nights Of Ramadhan -Nights Of Protection From The Fires Of Jahannam

Nights To Be Protected From The Fires Of Jahannam

The last 10 days are the nights to plead Allah to be Protected from the fires of Jahannam. The last ten nights are especially to be extraordinary as Allah has bestowed upon us the night of power or the night of lailatul Qadr!

Supplication After Every 4 rakaat of Solah Teraweeh

This supplication is to be read after every 4 rakaah of the voluntary solah teraweeh.

Supplication For Righteous Children

Alhamdulillah. Today is my son’s birthday. May Allah make him righteous and the one who abides by your decree. This supplication goes to all my four children. May Allah grant them mercy, forgiveness and protection from the fires of Jahannam. Ameeem.

May Allah grant us all soleh children who can take us to Jannatul Firdouse….. ameeeen.

Supplication For Our Beloved Parents

May Allah grant both our parents jannatul Firdouse in this blessed and sacred month. May Allah grant them mercy, forgiveness and protection from the fires of Jahannam. Ameeem.

As it so happens, today is my mom’s birthday. May Allah grant her a long and healthy life….. ameeen.

What better gift than a supplication for her. Please refer to my blog about our beloved moms on Our Heartfelt Duas For Our Mothers In This Blessed Months.

Supplication For The Second 10 Nights Of Ramadhan – Nights Of Forgiveness

Nights Of Forgiveness

The second 10 ten nights are the nights to ask for Forgiveness. The doors of jannah are opened and these are the special nights to supplicate to Allah asking for forgiveness.

More Supplication For Ramadhan

Dear Allah, make us steadfast in Your religion. Grant us the knowledge and obedience towards You in this life so we can get Your rahmah in the afterlife….. ameeen

Another Supplication For Ramadhan

Dear Allah, please grant us Your mercy and forgive our sins, be it minor or major, unknowingly or knowingly…… ameeen

Another Supplication For The Month Of Ramadhan

We have been fasting for a few days already. May Allah accept our fasts and ibadah in this sacred month in sha Allah….

Supplication For Ramadhan

Supplications to make for the month of Ramadhan.

Supplication For Colds And Flu Remedy

A supplication to reduce or ease our cough and colds…..

Supplication For The First 10 Nights Of Ramadhan -Nights Of Mercy

Nights Of Mercy

These first 10 nights are the nights of Mercy. Allah is ever merciful that He specifically gave 10 nights especially to supplicate to him asking him for His infinite mercy. Allahu Akhbar!

Supplication For Fasting And Breaking Fast During Ramadhan

The sacred month of Ramadhan is finally here. Before we submit ourselves to fasting in this sacred month, we must adhere to two compulsory principles of fasting.

• Firstly, the recitation of intention to fast for the month of Ramadhan for Allah ‘swt’
• Secondly is to abstain from eating, drinking, abstaining oneself from having physical relationship (sexual) with our halal partners within a specified time and also to abstain from talking, doing and thinking of all negative issues and other prohibitions.

Before submitting our intention for fasting, we need to have a preparation of our body, mind and soul for the month of Ramadhan.

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy for the steadfastness of our niyyah only to beseech Your Redha

Supplication For Our Sustenance For The Month Of Ramadhan

A supplication to read before reaching the month of Ramadhan. May Allah provide us with good health. In sha Allah.

Another Supplication To Cure Any Sickness

May Allah give us speedy recovery with this supplication in sha Allah

Supplication To Seek Allah’s Protection And Finally To Die As A True Believer.

This is a supplication made by Prophet Yusuf Alaihissalaam.

It can be recited for the following purposes.

• Piety and righteousness

• To seek Allah’s Protection in this world and in the akhirah [hereafter]

• Protection of our faith

• Finally, when ALLAH takes our life, we ask Allah that we will die as a true believer

Supplication For Coughing Remedy

This is a supplication to ease or cure any type of coughing. In sha Allah

Supplication To Ask For Ease Of Provision

Due to the covid-19 crisis, more uncertainties seem to be on the recent agenda in our world today.

The catastrophy does not only effect our health and well-being. In order to flatten the covid-19 curve most countries have made extreme measures to achieve that target. The measure not only means stay@home order but it also means that most countries are under lockdown. When the world is under lock down our economics will be affected by it and so would the global village too. Allahu Akhbar.

This is a supplication to ask Allah to provide us with both, our health and to stabilise our future economically. In sha Allah

Supplication For Fever And Pain

If we have a high fever, in sha Allah this is the best dua to supplicate to Allah.

Supplication To Seek Refuge From Negative Issues

This a supplication to seek refuge from:

•knowledge that does not benefits us

•a heart that does not fear Allah

•soul that does not feel satisfied and

•supplication that is not answered.

May Allah answer our pleadings….

A most appopriate time to recite the dua is now, as Allah do not need us, we need Allah!

Supplication To Ease Anxiety

A supplication to make during these times of uncertainty, calamity and of many casualties.

Supplication For The 15th Night Of Shaaban

This supplication was made by our prophet on the 15th night of Shaaban or nisfu shaaban

On this night, we make dua to Allah that

  • we get the best of dunya and akhirah
  • Ourselves and our families are protected from this corona virus or any type sickness
  • We ask Allah to give us good health and more rizk

The month of shaaban is the month of records when we are able to ask Allah to change the course of our life in sha Allah

Supplication Of Prophet Younes When He Was In The Whale’s Stomach

Prophet Younes was locked in the stomach of a whale for 40 days. Allahu Akhbar. He had no food, no family, no friends, nothing! He was all alone in the stomach…… so he supplicated this dua to Allah asking for forgiveness….

My mother reminded me of this dua. I remembered reciting this supplication when i was 7 months pregnant with my fourth child. I had some complication during labour when i was at 35/36 weeks of gestation. This supplication made me calm. It felt as though i had taken some kind of drug (even though i was not taking any drugs or under any sedation), i felt as though i was floating all the while, i felt at ease, no worries. I gave birth through C-section. My daughter is now 6 years of age. Alhamdulillah.

Keep reciting as this is a powerful dua. In sha Allah.

More Supplication For The Protection Of Corona Virus

Another supplication thought to us by prophet Muhammad (saw) for the protection of any type of illness and especially the fast raging corona virus.

Supplication That Allah Is Sufficient For Us

It is enough that we have Allah as our guardian and as our protector.

Supplication To Ask For Forgiveness

In times of covid-19 crisis, may Allah accept our forgiveness

Supplication For Ease During “Stay @ Home” Restrictions

Since the world lockdown and “stay@home” order to curb the vicious covid-19 virus, may this supplication ease our stay at home….

Supplication To Be Cured

A supplication made by Prophet Ibrahim as.

As the situation are getting severe and uncertain….we can only supllicate that Allah is the curer for all and any type of sickness

Supplication For The Sick To Be Cured

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

As the covid-19 are spreading so fast and so many are being warded and going through chronic illness due to this virus.

We can only supplicate to you as You are all knowing and the healer of all sickness. We are pleading to You Ya Allah.

Please cure those who have been plagued by this virus and any other virus as you are the curer of all that ails us.

3 Quls To Keep Cool And Protected From Any Harm

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

In the times of dire situations and many uncertainties; such as the unattainable vaccine for covid-19 and still many deaths are being recorded in many countries around the world. ALLAHU AKHBAR

The 3 Quls are the simplest supplication we can recite whenever we need protection from Allah ‘swt’.

Supplication for Ablution (Wudu)

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

A few days ago, i wrote about Ablution Is a Way Of Preventing The Corono Virus Pandemic As Well As Part Of Our Ibadah

This is the supplication for Wudhu (Ablution).

In times of this cronic situation, we need Allah more than ever and at the same time we ask Allah for forgiveness in sha Allah

Another Supplication To Read For Protection Of The Corona Virus…

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

Another powerful dua to supplicate during this time of apocalypse. We need to ask Allah for maximum protection from this unavoidable predicament…..

During the SARS epidemic, i remembered supplicating this dua most of the time and asking Allah for protection and prevention…..

May Allah protect us, our family, our friends, neighbours and all the entire ummah….

Ya Allah, please we are pleading You

Supplication For Victory In Dunya And Akhirah

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate

This is a dua that was thought to us by our beloved prophet ‘saw’. He would often supplicate this either during the obligatory and voluntary tawaf in Makkah.

We are constantly asking Allah to give us all the good from this dunya and akhirah.

In this dunya we are constantly asking for :
• A soleh spouse
• Soleh family
• Good career
• Good education
• Good sustainable income
• Good health
• Good neighbours
• Good colleagues at work
• Good friends
To name the list would be impossible. Each person will be to their own wishes

For the afterlife we would ask :
• Forgiveness and mercy from Allah
• Protection from the torment of the grave
• Protection fron the hell fire
• Protection from fitnah
Ya Allah, You Are All Hearing And Knowing, this is Our Dua….

Supplication for Increament Of Knowledge

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate

Knowledge is a powerful tool to attain.

This two duas are supplication to ask for more knowledge and to increase our knowledge for the sake of Allah…..

Supplication To Avoid Being Empowered By Others…

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate

A powerful Dua to make daily as much as possible

Through this dua Allah swt certainly protect us from many disturbances.

Shaithan can not approach us and can not over rule us through our physical and spiritual weaknesses. Most of the time Shaithan will attack us during our weakness.

Through this Dua Allah swt protects us and grants us safety with courage and brave to not to fear those who wants to put us down……

Shayatheen and their followers may strive and struggle to deviate us through our physical weakness such as laziness, physical weakness, despair, sadness, debt, fear etc… through this blessed Dua Allah swt protects His servants from all the disturbances of Shayatheen, Jinn, Iblis, human, and their followers.

Subhanallah, A supplication that to make us feel free from grief and sorrow….by all means.

Alhamdulillah, Our beloved Nabi Muhammad SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam taught us this Dua to read and beg Allah swt sincerely, to be protected from all such musibah. Being in debt to others is a real difficulty and that may bring a lot of unexpected musibah, through this Dua Allah swt protects His servants when they beg Allah swt for them to be out from being in debt to others….

May Allah swt protect us all from all the musibah and grant us our duas …… ameeen

Supplication For The Month Of Rajab

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Alhamdulillah, Rajab has a special dua too for us to practice.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ always made this dua whenever there was a sighting of the moon for the month of Rajab. We were taught to make this supplication so that we will need to get ourselves prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for the coming month of Ramadhan Al-Kareem, in sha Allah.

This dua is also meant to be a special dua; so that we will be able to reach ramadhan in a healthy state, blessed fasting with Allah’s Redha and achieved victory to enter jannah through the door of ArRayyan made only for fasting servants of Allah swt

May Allah protect us from any sickness or any musibah from reaching to the month of ramadhan in sha Allah.

Pleading To Allah swt. for Protection of Coronavirus Plague

This is a real time to take heed of the current situation and calling to Allah swt for protection and prevention of this corona virus pandemic which is spreading like wildfire through out the world

The supplication above is to protect and prevent us from this epidemic calamity.

Ya Allah we beg for Your protection, only in You we trust and there is no one else for us to turn to except to You ya Allah, no one can safe us except You ya Allah, with Your infinite Mercy! Ya Allah please protect us, our beloved families and the mankind from all kinds of these illness and fatal diseases.

Ya Allah, You are the ultimate protector, we beg You for Your Mercy. Ya Allah please protect us! from this disaster and all other calamities those we know and we do not know, that You have decreed, and only You know everything.

Ya Allah, we beg You for Your forgiveness, we beg You not to punish us for all our misdeeds and sins that we have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Ya Allah Please forgive all our minor and major sins that we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Ya Allah, You are all Forgiving and all Merciful, ya Allah please forgive us and shower Your Mercy on us.

Ya Allah You are all Listening and all Hearing, we beg You to hear our sincere cry and plead…. Please do not reject our cry ya Allah, ya Allah Your Mercy is always above Your punishment as You Love to forgive Your slaves those who turn to You for Your Mercy, ya Allah we are at Your Door begging for Your Mercy.

Ya Allah only You have the power to give and also the ultimate power to take this calamity away from us … one else can help us except You ya Allah.

Ya Allah, You are the all compassionate and all Merciful, please shower Your utmost compassion on Your humbling slaves…..those who are begging at Your door for Your forgiveness and Mercy.

Ya Allah, You are the Maker, You are the Doer ! Ya Allah You are the planner, You are the Designer! Only You can create and only You can eradicate this coronavirus. Ya Allah we beg You to safe these weak servants of You from this epidemics and also from all other calamities. Ya Allah we trust only in You and we beg only for Your Mercy and shelter in this world and hereafter life.

La Hawla wala Quwwatha illa Billah
Allahumma Solli wasallim ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih wa Sohbihi ajmaeen.

Al-Quran As Our Regulator For The Daily Rituals…

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

As human beings, it is necessary that we have to live by rules and regulations, without regulations human will tend do whatever he wishes and the world will turn to a total turmoil ……

As human every one of us have individual desires and we would be controlled by ouf individual nafs… and these unbalanced human desires would confuse the entire world and break its balance, the mankind would be crushed with corruptions and turmoil.

Our nafs can only be controlled by having a balanced mind and a stable mind can only be achieved with the remembrance of Allah swt the One Who Created us.

Without understanding the depth of the remembrance of ALLAH swt and its meaning, we would tend to go astray from our right path and aqidah….NaoozubilLah min zalik

For example, if there are no rules and regulations, people can steal, kill and do things of “unsound mind” and people will go out of “Balance” this is totally against our prescribed “aqidah”…..nauzubillahimin zalik

Allah is Our Creator, The Noble Al-Quran is Our Manual…
The noble quran explains and guides for what we can do and what we cannot do and how to do it etc…. The guidance of noble Quran is all about the rules and regulations to establish a balanced way of life.

The revealed knowledge and guidance of al-Quran is a gift of ALLAH swt., that we must adhere to and abide by. To become a righteous servant of Allah and as a Khalifa – vicegerent on earth. A man of taqwa, a good slave of Allah swt.