Supplication For Repayment Of Debts

With this supplication, may Allah ease our repayments of debts. Allahu ma Ameeen Ya Allah

Supplication To Avoid Being Empowered By Others…

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate

A powerful Dua to make daily as much as possible

Through this dua Allah swt certainly protect us from many disturbances.

Shaithan can not approach us and can not over rule us through our physical and spiritual weaknesses. Most of the time Shaithan will attack us during our weakness.

Through this Dua Allah swt protects us and grants us safety with courage and brave to not to fear those who wants to put us down……

Shayatheen and their followers may strive and struggle to deviate us through our physical weakness such as laziness, physical weakness, despair, sadness, debt, fear etc… through this blessed Dua Allah swt protects His servants from all the disturbances of Shayatheen, Jinn, Iblis, human, and their followers.

Subhanallah, A supplication that to make us feel free from grief and sorrow….by all means.

Alhamdulillah, Our beloved Nabi Muhammad SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam taught us this Dua to read and beg Allah swt sincerely, to be protected from all such musibah. Being in debt to others is a real difficulty and that may bring a lot of unexpected musibah, through this Dua Allah swt protects His servants when they beg Allah swt for them to be out from being in debt to others….

May Allah swt protect us all from all the musibah and grant us our duas …… ameeen